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The Urban Partnership of Miami-Dade County Coalition (UPMDCC) was created for the purpose of create an academic pipeline for youth from prenatal to age 24 years. The Coalition aims to accomplish this by creating a system of care with direct service providers who have their principal of within the boundary. This will consist of social service agencies, faith-based social ministries, public and private organizations and local community residence as activists. UPMDCC conducts its community work by applying the data driven Strategic Prevention Framework Model. This model requires five systematic steps: (1) assess the prevention needs based on survey data, (2) build prevention capacity based upon survey data, (3) develop a strategic plan to address the risk factors per the survey data, (4) implement effective school based and community based prevention programs, policies and practices at the direct service and environmental level to address the risk factors and improve protective factors as identified by the survey results and (5) evaluate the project outcomes to ensure strategic plan effectiveness.